About George

georgeGeorge recently retired as Oracle Applications Developer nearly 45 years with SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (Stanford University – Emeritus).  He begin his career 1968 as an Accelerator Electronics Technician with SLAC.  In the late 1970’s  George became very involved with, and became a local expert in SPIRES (Stanford Public Information Retrieval System) where he was instrumental in developing a suite of developer tools and many applications in support of SLAC’s business and scientific goals.
As one of the original SLAC Web Wizards, George contributed to the success of the first World Wide Web application in the United States.  George’s contributions and development allowed the web pages to provide dynamic content access to the SPIRES Physics Preprints which were of interest to collaborators around the world.
Application development and support became his niche and he moved into development and support of Oracle beginning in the mid 1980’s with DBA to Applications Developer hats along the way.  Throughout the years, George’s expertise touched many different technologies and areas including Dot Net, ASP, PL/SQL, Perl, Rexx, Unix, Oracle APEX (Application Express) and many other areas.